Suman is a Senior Android Developer in our Digital Delivery team. He's based in London KX.

Since joining in 2018, it has been amazing to watch NewDay grow! People are open to helping and we deliver features at a sustainable pace.

My biggest work highlight here has been developing Bip - I was team member number 1! It has been a really challenging but fulfilling career experience. At the very start, we were asked to come up with a proof of concept. We didn’t have a product name. We brainstormed a bunch of ideas, from a chatbot-style interface, to an easy-to-use form. Getting it to work on Apple and Google Pay was one of the biggest challenges we faced. I will be proud of Bip as long as I live. It’s amazing to see the stream of awards and nominations for Bip, such as Best Mobile Provider.

One of my favourite things about NewDay is our approach to flexible hybrid working. As a disabled person who uses a wheelchair to get to the office, being able to work from home has made my life easier. I can be even more productive than I was before. I have my desk at home with everything I need.

Disability can be a very lonely thing because not all disabilities are visible. Before I used a wheelchair, I could walk slightly so you couldn’t always tell I was disabled. I told NewDay about my disability as soon I as joined. If you need something, please ask. Nothing should be too embarrassing.

NewDay is a very open and friendly place. Everyone wants to help you find your feet. We understand that it’s impossible to be 100% productive on Day 1. You need to get familiar with the way we work. With the right support, you’ll quickly get stuck in and find your niche.