Reducing our environmental impact

We are an environmentally conscious and highly digital business. We actively monitor and manage our carbon footprint and are committed to delivering carbon neutral operations and longer-term net zero targets. We are determined to play our role as a business in managing and mitigating the risks of a changing climate. 


100 %

of energy usage met by renewables

0 %

of waste to landfill

Carbon neutral

own operations across Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions


Target set for Net Zero including Scope 3 emissions

Tackling climate change

We are committed to conserving energy and utilising renewable sources of energy wherever reasonably practicable. This means continually reducing our energy consumption while investing to make our buildings and assets more efficient and sustainable.

We assess our climate impact in line with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Effective from Q4 2022 we have transitioned to 100% renewable energy tariffs and have used carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutral status across Scope 1 and 2. Our longer-term carbon reduction strategy includes a commitment to Net Zero, including Scope 3 emissions, by 2040.


Since 2021, we have fully offset all scope 1 and 2 emissions to achieve carbon neutral status. The Verra approved offsets, purchased through ClearBlue Markets, relate to the construction and operation of a greenfield 20 MW solar plant in Madagascar.

Environmental engagement

At NewDay, we understand that tackling climate change requires active engagement – both internally, and more broadly with the customers, contractors and suppliers across our value chain. 

Through NewDay’s Green Forum, colleagues learn about environmental topics and can raise ideas and observations for improving the business such as lowering energy use or introducing nature-based practices.

As well as supporting customers to move forward with credit, we promote sustainable behaviours with them. We offer carbon footprint insights to Aqua customers to help build carbon literacy, 491k customers had a cardless product at the end of 2023 and our partnership with John Lewis provides recyclable plastic cards.

We also work closely with landlords, contractors and other partners to reduce environmental impacts. As third parties make up the biggest proportion of our carbon footprint, we recognise the need to engage with our supply chain. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the standards expected of our suppliers across all aspects of ESG, which includes actively reducing carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts.