A message for John Lewis Partnership Card customers

We are proud to be working with John Lewis, one of the country’s best-known brands, to relaunch its popular Partnership Card.

Over the past two months since the launch of the new card, we have successfully signed up nearly 600,000 Partnership Card customers with an approval rate of over 96%. We continue to welcome these customers as well as brand new customers of the Partnership Credit Card, providing access to the valued rewards and benefits available.

The onboarding of these customers was a substantial undertaking. As part of our agreement with John Lewis, all existing Partnership Card customers were required to reapply for the product and were subject to the same affordability and creditworthiness checks that are in place for anyone applying for credit in the UK. Unfortunately, this has meant that a small proportion of previous Partnership Card customers have not been approved for the new Partnership Card or given the same terms previously held.

As with any regulated financial services provider, we must comply with the rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) when assessing affordability. These rules are there to protect consumers and ensure we are lending responsibly. In recent months and years, especially within the context of the current cost-of-living crisis, the FCA has tightened these lending standards and issued new guidance to consumer credit firms.

During the onboarding process it became clear that existing Partnership Card customers required higher levels of support with this application process than originally anticipated. We also recognise that in some cases we did not meet the level of service and support we would want to give in individual circumstances.

We are taking a number of steps to address this including adding over 100 customer services colleagues. We have also created a new dedicated helpline for those that have been declined to help advise on the next steps they can take.

Customers are at the heart of NewDay’s purpose, and we will continue to work closely with John Lewis to welcome both existing and new Partnership Card customers.

Helpline numbers:

General customer service enquiries for customers who have opened a new John Lewis Partnership Credit Card: 0330 175 9829

For customers who have been declined and want to discuss their application: 0330 165 4872

For customers who want to check their credit report with Experian: 0344 481 0800
Website: www.experian.co.uk