Our credit technology is brilliantly simple to use and allows you to choose what you need to power your credit products – at every point in your customers' journey.

"Our end-to-end credit platform is unique. It has been custom built in-house, allowing us to update and adapt very quickly."


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Making credit technology brilliantly simple

NewDay’s credit technology draws on 20 years of experience. Our platform works the way it does because we are experts in credit. Free from traditional barriers, it’s cloud-native and configurable, to give you the power to build and offer credit products that meet your customers' needs. We use it to power all our leading credit products, so we are committed to keeping it best-in-class.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up to solve the complexity associated with legacy systems. It’s cloud-native and modular, giving you access to a flexible suite of products and APIs, which allows you to create highly personalised and seamless credit experiences. With fast deployment, you can pick the elements you need, or use our end-to-end customer journey to power your credit products.

Tailored, scalable, and constantly evolving, our platform means you can focus on adding value and moving your business forward, faster.



Changing the way businesses build credit products


With our platform, you can:

Success at scale

In 2022, our platform processed
1 T

customer data points and insights

£ 9 B

in purchases

216 M


188 M

app logins

2.8 M

active customers through digital servicing

600 +

code releases per month