Hear from Amy - Digital Product Owner

Amy, tell us about your new role.

I’m a Digital Product Owner in the Servicing team, where I get to shape digital delivery within mobile. The Product Owner (PO) role is a crossover, where business meets IT and delivery. My role is to make sure we constantly release value for customers and the business. I love the challenge of pushing the business forward while delivering our purpose. 

What was your first role at NewDay?

I joined in September last year as a Senior Digital Product Analyst. In this role I worked closely with the PO and development team to deliver on key initiatives. This involved making sure that the backlog was properly prioritized, collecting requirements from stakeholders, while ensuring that we collaborated effectively with designers, front end developers and other members of our digital squad.

What’s your career path so far?

Analysis is one of my key skills - after studying Natural Sciences at uni, I joined the grad scheme at Vanquis Bank where I completed a rotation in the digital team, developing the mobile app. Following the scheme, I started as a Data Analyst in the digital team, where my focus was on improving the user journey. I then moved into the mobile PO role, before spotting the opportunity to flex my skills and put them to use in NewDay!

I knew others who’d made the move and really enjoyed it, which motivated me to join.

Biggest challenge at NewDay?

The constant pace is what I love the most. There is always room to drive improvements and get involved in interesting projects where you can learn new things and grow your career. It all goes back to ‘Where next’?

Proudest moment so far?

Being promoted to PO – I’ve had fantastic support from my leaders and it means so much to get that recognition in my first year here. I know it’s up to me to drive my career - I was clear about where I wanted to go, and I had the right feedback to support me on my path. Everyone is so open – if you have an idea, they’ll help you get there.

I’m also proud of us for partnering with Stemette Futures! At school, I was lucky to have had inspiring teachers who made sure the doors to STEM remained firmly open for me. My experience at the London Hackathon event has only strengthened my belief that we all have a responsibility to help the next generation thrive, with more opportunities than ever before.

What’s your big focus for the second half of 2023?

There are some big initiatives to help drive. For example, I’m so excited to be involved in delivering Lawrence. This is an exciting time to be here! Pulling together is what NewDay is all about.

On a personal note, it’s establishing myself in my PO role, continuing to deliver business value and setting customers up with the right financial education to help them move forward.

Any top tips for someone joining us?

I’ve found my role at NewDay to be immersive and stretching. You’ll get the support you need to find your feet quickly, and there are so many opportunities here – it’s easy to build your network, improve your skills, develop your career and get real job satisfaction. We spend so much of our lives at work – you need to make every moment count!