Hear from Monny - Senior Manager, Product Design

What project are you working on and how did it come to fruition?

Newpay optimisation is an ongoing project that I have been working on, collaborating with internal and external teams. Over the last 6 months, I have seen our team collaborate even better than before, and product design has delivered value to our product strategy, stakeholders, and legal discussions.

How has collaborating helped this project move forward?

As the lead Product Designer, I collaborate extensively with both internal and external teams. I provide research support and data to aid in the development of the product roadmap and help the external team understand the reasoning behind product decisions. In addition to regular catch-ups with the internal team, I also initiated 30-minute weekly catch-ups with the external team's designers to ensure awareness of each team's challenges and workloads, and to inspire each other with the latest Figma tricks and tips, as well as the latest accessibility guidelines.

What are the outcomes of this project, so far?

As optimisation is an ongoing process, the outcome of the product so far is that it is improving customer satisfaction, increasing acquisition conversion, and enhancing brand loyalty. Additionally, with the consumer duty coming into effect by the FCA at the end of July, we will be able to provide data to support each product decision when inquired about.

What has made this optimisation project exciting to work on?

Since this was one of my first projects in the MO team, I am truly grateful that everyone on the team was welcoming and helped me settle in well. One of the key highlights for me was receiving feedback from both internal and external teams. They appreciated that I drove design decisions and meetings with a data-driven approach, which helped to increase overall efficiency. Knowing that the work I delivered made a positive impact keeps me motivated.