Sean is a Senior Programme Manager in our Product Change + Delivery team. He's based in Leeds.

I’ve always been in financial services because things change quickly, which keeps it interesting - especially here! After uni, I did a graduate scheme with a major Aussie bank.

I worked in a few different areas of the business – a call centre, before moving into branch banking, then a product team. Since then, my roles have always centred on using new ideas and practices to drive momentum with the P+L.

At NewDay I’ve evolved into being a project lead. The best thing about working here is that you don’t build up a narrow specialism. In a big bank, teams tend to be big and siloed. You get a chance to learn about everything at NewDay. This stretches you and gives you a strategic perspective.

In my role you have to be flexible – you don’t always know what you’re going to be working on next! My proudest moment so far was delivering Bip, our digital cardless credit product. It was a bit stop-start because of the global pandemic, so we had to keep momentum while managing impacts such as people changes. At the same time, we were moving to a product ownership culture. As programme manager, I had to keep making sure that different teams were working on the same goal. It was a blank piece of paper to start with. I’m really proud that we delivered on time, meeting quite a few detailed deadlines and creating value.

Working directly with all of the teams has been the best bit. This is a place where anyone can get airtime with ExCo and senior managers if they need it. In a traditional bank, you can only ever shift the dial a tiny bit. Here, change is front and centre.