because a strong sense of wellbeing is a solid foundation for connectedness and achievement - two benefits that everyone should get from spending time at work.

eLearning for all employees

As part of our commitment we also offer all employees access to a number of modules of e-learning, webinars, courses and seminars to support wellbeing. These include: 

  • Health Awareness
  • Anxiety Management
  • Healthy lifestyle guidance
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Stress busting 
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • and much more!

Wellbeing Fortnights  

In addition to our all-year-round focus on wellbeing, twice a year we run Wellbeing events, usually a fortnight in May and September where a variety of events to further support our colleagues' wellbeing are provided.

Now a regular feature in our NewDay calendar, with initiatives designed to boost our wellbeing at work. 


Sweet treat


Massages in office


Desk Yoga Session

I had an incredible experience at the breathwork session earlier this week! It completely opened my eyes to the power of conscious breathing in regulating our mood and emotions. Just dedicating 5 minutes to focused breathing can really help me feel fully recharged. After the session, I was buzzing with energy like never before. I always have an impression that mediation practices require a dedicated hour and a specific space. However, the session shattered that misconception and proved that breathwork can be practiced anytime, anywhere and still have a profound impact.

Karis WingKi Specialist, Reward