Accessibility matters here..

Digital accessibility is about using tech to improve our working experience, wellbeing and productivity.  

Our Accessibility Hub 

At NewDay we have an online hub to point all NewDay team members to some great Accessibility tools we have available to support. This includes: 

  • Tech Accessibility Checker
  • Digital support for vision, audio features, cognition and mobility
  • Guidance on digital tools to improve wellbeing
  • Exercises for Office Workers
  • Healthy back tips 
  • Hints for your workstation setup
  • Raised desks, ergonomic chairs, footstools and cushions to make sure you are working in a safe, comfortable environment
If you are thinking about applying for a role at NewDay and would like to discuss some reasonable adjustments or support with your application please email [email protected]

Accessibility features in IT are designed to ensure equal access to technology for individuals with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments. However, the impact of these features extends well beyond disability inclusion. They offer benefits to a diverse range of users, by addressing common usability challenges and making tasks more efficient for everyone.

Windows clipboard history is my favourite accessibility feature. It enables users to store a history of copied text and images, providing quick access to previously copied items. This feature eliminates the need to repeatedly copy and paste content, saving valuable time and allowing me to be more productive. Whether it's capturing screenshots, reusing frequently copied text, or sharing content with colleagues, clipboard history streamlines tasks by facilitating seamless access copied content.

Keith Higgs - Specialist, End User Computing Creator of NewDay's Accessibility Hub