Joseph is a Digital Team, Supplier based in London KX. 

How is your commute to work and are you a podcaster or a music blaster?

My commute to the NewDay office is extremely ideal. It is only a 15-minute bus ride on average (give or take traffic) with buses coming every 10-20 minutes and also a 25-30 minute walk - which is what I will often do on my way home. 

For my commute, I am definitely a music blaster! The louder and more energetic, the better, as it will often give me the boost I need to set me up for a productive day. 

How does hybrid work impact your everyday role?

I personally have become very accustomed to hybrid work as it improves my work/life balance for a handful of reasons. Due to hybrid working, I am able to get more extra curricular activities and chores done (with less time spent on commuting) i.e., I can often go to the gym during my lunch break when it is most quiet. I also save a lot more money as I am less inclined to eat out and I can cook proper meals for myself (which often comes hand in hand with regularly taking part in exercise). In addition to this, having the flexibility to come into the office is great, as it can help break up the working week and also gives me the opportunity to spend face-to-face time with my team, manager, and friends at work - it ultimately leads to the perfect balance and is great for my levels of productivity and mental health.

Do you use any organisational tools to keep your work on track?

The number one technique and method we use in the company to schedule and monitor, not only my work, but also others, is via Sprints. A Sprint is a time-boxed iteration (over 2 weeks in our case) in which a development team works on a set of prioritized items (tickets) set out by our product owner. Within a Sprint, we have numerous meetings such as Sprint Planning. In Sprint Planning, we plan for the next 2 weeks by creating and refining tickets that are then distributed throughout the team. In addition, we also have a Mid-Sprint Review, where halfway through the Sprint, we look at our progress and go over any potential problems or blockers we may be facing. We also have Sprint Reviews, at the end of each Sprint, where we look back and assess the quality of our Sprint and look to talk about any pros/cons or ways we could improve in the future. Daily, we will have a Sprint Stand-up. Every morning, we will come together as a team to talk about our assigned tickets, ask any relevant questions, and update the team on our individual progress.

What do you do to maintain your wellbeing while in the office or working from home?

As mentioned, to maintain my wellbeing when working from home, I will regularly go to the gym and work out. In addition, I will often take a small walk even if it is only to the nearest shop. I will also sometimes use the time to complete other chores which allows me more personal free time after work to continue learning or just relax. When it comes to the office, I will often make sure to have lunch/spend time with my friends/team members as a way to improve relations and as a good opportunity to have some fun, quality time together. I will also attend after-work social events if possible as a fun way to end a busy and productive day.

What does a normal morning look like for you?

Depending on whether I am in the office or working from home, I will usually start my mornings with a coffee and some music. This will follow by my usual routine such as having a cold shower, getting dressed and making sure I have everything set up or packed for my day. I will tend to give myself plenty of time to complete my routine as I always like being early. I will then log on, check my emails, sort out any important admin and sometimes read any news articles and have a brief scroll through LinkedIn before my first set of meetings.

What's on the menu, and how do you usually spend your lunch break?

As previously mentioned, I spend a lot of my lunches at the gym. However, when I am in the office, it will more than likely be with my team. In regards to what's on the menu, this will vary depending on the food that is provided in the office - which is always very tasty and filling. However, when I am working from home, my go-to meal is a bacon sandwich, followed by some Greek yogurt, honey, and a banana, and then with some chocolate.

How do you beat the afternoon slog? What keeps you motivated?

To beat the afternoon slog, my go-to is always another cup of coffee. In addition, I will take a short break to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I will always make sure to drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated and create a short, afternoon-focused to-do list with a small handful of aims and objectives I would like to get complete.

What are the most important skills for someone looking to start a career in your field to focus on?

For my field, which primarily focuses on front-end web development, there are a handful of languages and fundamentals I would prioritize in order to get the best start. Firstly, I would recommend studying the core fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After that, I would recommend becoming familiar and more comfortable with testing and writing your own tests. Another nice addition would be to become more familiar with accessibility and responsive design. Finally, I would then start to focus on learning ReactJS and other frameworks. From that point onward, I would learn to embrace TypeScript and dabble into back-end development such as NodeJS or Express.