Shabana is a Digital Coordinator in our Contact Centre + Service Delivery team. She's based in Leeds.

I’m very much a people person, so when I read about NewDay, what the Digital Coordinator job involved and the fact that the company values aligned with how I am as a person, it pushed me to come here.

I love the sense of purpose and belonging… that’s a big one for me. When you work somewhere, you want to feel valued and want to belong there. I feel as if my contributions are valued and it makes me think I’m not just going to do the basics and go home, I’m going to do my best! I think 'What can I do? What am I good at? What can I be great at?' This is the attitude I’ve had from day one and that’s all thanks to the people I work with.

I joined during the pandemic. All my training was online when I first joined, after which I started my role helping customers when they called into the contact centre. I quickly started to get great feedback and my customer satisfaction scores were high. With the support and guidance of my manager, I worked on my scorecard until I changed all KPIs green… I don’t like seeing reds!

We've had lots of new colleagues joining the contact centre, and I got the opportunity to work alongside the learning facilitators to provide SME support. This has involved me being a part of the group, being alongside new colleagues on their own learning journey, and bringing my own real-life experience and in-depth knowledge into the room so I could help bring processes and scenarios to life. I also moved into Academy with the groups, providing support for their first live calls and continuing to guide and help build their confidence as they learn their jobs, just like I did.

Developing myself has given me confidence and self-belief. People recognise me and know my name in supporting teams and for the right reasons, which in turn makes me feel more confident to take on new challenges and push myself to learn more.

I’ve learnt that if you’re doing the right thing and doing your job well, opportunities do come. You’re spoilt for choice. There are so many posts and positions available at NewDay that you’ll be like… where next?