Digital capability that powers the consumer

Innovative and exciting products powered by market leading technology and decisioning.

We design and deploy products to meet evolving consumer needs. We create value for our partners through our capability. The NewDay platform is highly scalable, brand agnostic and offers product flexibility. We provide responsible access to credit through a number of tailored brands.

We believe in credit as a force for good and our expertise in providing credit means we can responsibly say yes to more UK consumers, powering their everyday lives.

We partner with leading brands to offer credit products that create value. Our merchant offering includes carded loyalty platforms, revolving digital credit, retail finance, BNPL and bespoke credit solutions.

Great technology sits at the heart of NewDay. We have built a highly scalable, brand agnostic, feature-rich platform that can be deployed as a cost-effective service to power other institutions.

Deko, a NewDay Group company offers a multi-lender payment platform solution, helping retail partners automate lending decisions within the online check-out experience.