Customers want convenient, simpler ways to shop with the brands they love. And that’s what NewPay gives them. NewPay is our instant access digital credit account that we can seamlessly integrate into your brand and checkout experience.  

Introducing NewPay 

We’ve designed NewPay to be easy for you to integrate and for your customers to access – all through your brand.  A few simple questions to answer during checkout and, subject to approval, they have instant access to a new way to shop with your brand. 

The process is totally integrated into your existing branded experience. Once approved, customers can enjoy an easier online shopping experience, and purchase with just one click. NewPay offers a raft of promotional finance options to cater for baskets of all shapes and sizes – such as allowing customers to pay after delivery or the ability to split the cost of the purchase into equal monthly payments.  

The Benefits  

Increased sales: Designed to drive bigger baskets, better conversion and increased loyalty.

Instant access: Just a few questions, a matter of seconds and credit at the speed of click.

More ways to pay: A suite of promotional payment options to drive purchases of different shapes and sizes.

Your brand: Seamlessly integrated into your checkout experience and provided under your brand.

One click purchases: It’s as good as it sounds.

Partnership: We partner with you every step of the way.

With NewPay, Shopping is simple    


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