The focus of NewDay’s strategy is to responsibly provide customers with credit products that are aligned to their evolving needs.

We understand that our customers are not a homogenous group and that they need and use credit in different ways – a customer who is seeking a product that helps them improve their credit record has different requirements than a customer who is seeking a product that offers rewards for brand loyalty.

Our product development is based on this understanding and, as part of our commitment to responsible lending, is underpinned by robust risk management.

Our objective is to create long-term customer relationships and sustainable growth that delivers shareholder value. To achieve this, we have established four strategic priorities:

  • Grow our Near prime business by responsibly saying “yes” to more customers, while maintaining high risk-adjusted returns;
  • Leverage the major investment in our scalable Co-brand platform through collaborating with our partners;
  • Deliver a robust approach to credit management; and
  • and Maintain a strong capital base and funding profile in order to provide a foundation for growth and attractive returns

These priorities are underpinned by our Manifesto which details our commitment to put customers at the centre of everything that we do. Our success is based on responsibly meeting the needs of our customers with products that make credit work for them.

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